hello dean


I’m aware it’s been some time since we last talked. We ave both been rather preoccupied with our own tasks, making it impossible to have any time together. But time does not slip from my mind. I know exactly the date today. I know the significance of what happened this day six years ago.

I am the one that gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.

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Hey Feathers,

Oh come on, Adam and Eve walkin round in tree leaves had to be more interesting than any entertainment I’ve given ya! 

But anyway, I’m not good at this. I think everyone knows by now that I suck ass at expressing myself. I’ll try though. I kinda owe it to you. And shit.

Okay don’t take that seriousIy like I know you will, cause I don’t mean I actually owe you…shit.

Honestly, the last 6 years feel like 100. I feel like I’ve known you for so much damn longer than that. I don’t remember much from the beginning, though. Just all you guys being assholes and douchebags. Hell, you were FLYING douchebags! And you know what? They still are. But you were different, and I wish I knew so much earlier than I did. You’ve broken my heart only like my family can or has, and what you thought has always actually fucking mattered. I trust you and Sam, and Sam doesn’t have a certain part of my tiny heart that you do. Ugh, I hope no one gets to this but you. He’d laugh until he exploded. HE WOULDN’T ACTUALLY EXPLODE SO CHILL

Heh, thanks for raising my sad ass outta perdition. I do remember a really bright light before I came back from the dead and that I was grateful as fuck. Still am, btw.

So happy anniversary, Cas. Gonna drink to many more years of this weird but awesome thing we have. 

P.S, I’m a fine ass zombie.


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ooc: getting into Cas is a fun, silly process


Dean was supposed to do one too, but never got around to it.

Ass butt.

If it ain’t porn or google, it’s too complicated. Got Sammy for that.

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i uh. reversed a gif

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Ooc: Ridiculous (spoilers for 8x17 )

Y’all need to relax. There was no romance between Meg and Cas from what I saw. It was all sexual. Also, we can safely assume she’s dead anyway.

I’m clearly a Destiel shipper. It’s my OTP forever BUT you can’t expect to see it on the show! And it’s wrong to force it on anyone! They don’t have to hook any characters up! Stop bothering the stars! I’m pretty sure it’s awkward as fuck to them! Dammit!
I don’t care if I lose followers. You all need to see this.

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